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Pellot Construction's Management team has the experience and know-how necessary to provide our clients a project that’s “done right the first time”.

  • Quality Management Staff
  • Cost Saving Solutions
  • Monthly Job Calendars and Budget reports
  • Effective management of subcontractors and suppliers through every stage of the construction process.

   As your General Contractor, we will coordinate the many tasks that comprise your project. We will discuss your project needs and review any and all project specific documents you may have. If you do not have project plans or specifications, we can work with local architects and engineers to design them.

   Once we have a set of plans together, we will provide a turn-key price to complete your project. If your project is a renovation, we will ask to make a site visit to better understand the project. We can propose multiple different contracting options. The 2 most common contracts that we use are Stipulated Sum contracts and cost plus contracts.